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Cozy Won’t Cut it!

courage growth Nov 24, 2020

This came to me in the shower this morning, no really! I should back up. I’ve been working my way through several weeks of pre-work in preparation for a Certified High Performance Coach™ training that I’ll be completing by the end of November. During one training session we studied the importance of fitness and nutrition for peak performance and high energy. We learned the benefits of cold water and having cold showers. Since I don’t feel right teaching a curriculum I’m not following, I took the plunge! I’ve been ending each shower with a minute on the coldest setting that I can handle. And guess what? It’s not as terrible as I thought AND you reap the rewards of a boost of intense energy!

This morning I was tempted to skip the cold setting. I had just completed a fantastic 5km run and the hot water felt so good. I literally thought to myself, “just keep it cozy” and immediately stopped myself and said “Nikki, cozy...

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What the heck is engagement anyhow?!

According to Wikipedia, “Work engagement is the ‘harnessing of organization member's selves to their work roles: in engagement, people employ and express themselves physically, cognitively, emotionally and mentally during role performances.’"[1]:694 Three aspects of work motivation are cognitive, emotional and physical engagement.[2]

When I read this definition, a few things come up for me. I’m reminded of the importance of seeing the “whole” person not just the worker bee on my team. I love that this definition includes the emotional and mental expressiveness of importance. Better yet, it seems that equal value is given to each area of the employee’s self. As leaders, we can often forget that optimal performance can only be met when team members are actively engaged in all areas.

Sadly, for many organizations, engagement to them means recognizing a birthday with a digital card, or a work anniversary with a letter from the...

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5 Leadership Myths that are total bunk!

leadership Oct 27, 2020

When I was growing my business and added support staff, I didn’t have a clue about leadership. I was too caught up in the day-to-day selling in order to keep the business going to even stop and be intentional about my role as a leader.

As I started shifting my focus to learning about how to become a better leader, I uncovered 5 myths about leadership. 

Myth #1 – Leaders are born that way!

While some of us do have leadership abilities which we display as children they are typically linked to old-school thinking of what a leader is. Meaning that, we display behaviours of taking charge, being the loudest or being the biggest risk-taker. Becoming an effective leader takes time and discipline. For me, it was listening to podcasts, reading books and attending courses and workshops to learn how to effectively communicate with my team. What I discovered was it wasn’t at all about how loud or in charge you were but how to serve your people and have difficult...

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