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How Pain Can Propel You Forward

growth mindset pain May 07, 2024

Pain sucks but it may just be the gift required to propel us forward!

Most of us avoid pain at all costs when, in reality, pain can serve as an amazing indicator that it’s time for change.

People will often stay in jobs, relationships, and countries they aren’t happy in until something painful enough to move them to action happens. Pain can be a great communicator if we’re open to learning.


When we experience pain, it is often because we recognize that we’re living below our potential. I remember experiencing this when I sat down at a family BBQ and I had to keep pulling my shirt away from my belly. I was embarrassed that I had let myself go and decided in that moment that I was living below my potential. The experience was awful BUT it made me commit to a healthier lifestyle which would expose me to my greater potential. What pain are you experiencing right now that could be an indicator that you were created for more than what you’re living...

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You Are Not a Tree! - 3 Obstacles Keeping You Back from Change

change growth mindset pain Nov 14, 2023

Jim Rohn famously said, “You’re not a tree.”  One of my colleagues says, “Your feet are not cement.” Both mean that you and I can change our circumstances should we chose to do so.

What holds most of us back? Fear of change, fear of the unknown?

In High Performance Coaching™ we dive into the psychology behind what holds most people back. It comes down to three primary things… process pain, loss pain and outcome pain.

Process Pain

What if uprooting my life and moving to another country is going to be painful? What if there’s mountains of paperwork, foreign languages to navigate and massive risk? What if moving towards that degree means that I will step into rooms where if feel unqualified? What if all of the steps involved to move on from this relationship are overwhelming? We can get caught up in the process, the tasks and steps and this is where most of us become paralyzed with fear and don’t move forward.

Loss Pain


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