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How to SEEK Next Level Opportunities

A mentor reminded me that rarely does a good idea chase you down, you need to seek them out!

With that in mind, you and I must rise to the person of excellence we’re looking to become. That version of us will never come to meet us where we currently are!

How do we go about that? Through actively seeking that next level.


S- Seek Through Insightful Questions.

One of the reasons I absolutely love High Performance Coaching™ is that it’s less about teaching and more about self-discovery. Clients and coaches go through a journey of understanding and clarity through transformational questions that are empowering and lead to change. The reason that this is so powerful is that our minds typically lead to negative thinking and disempowering questions. Coaching is focused on the future, changing thinking to seek the positive and possibility vs. visiting the past for excuses and reminders as to why we’re not equipped to reach out big goals. Daily high performers ask...

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Abundant Mindset

What have the past couple of years looked like for you in terms of your thinking? By that I mean, have you had an abundant or a scarcity mindset?

When we look at abundance, it’s a mindset of plenty for everyone! When we look at a scarcity mindset it refers to a lack of something. A lack of time or money.

I’ll be honest with you, prior to the pandemic I lived in a very abundant mindset.  During the pandemic, I found myself shrinking to a scarcity mindset.  Granted, our business dropped about 90% in revenue overnight and it was one of the most challenging times in my life.

I’ve worked through the push and pull of abundance vs. scarcity and I wanted to share some ways that I was able to shift my thinking and hopefully it serves you.

  • Realizing that there is an abundance of money
    • Money is printed for heaven’s sake. Just because someone else’s business is thriving does not mean yours can’t too.  There’s an abundance of wealth to...
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