Release frustrations and accelerate your success!

The highest performers have an incredible ability to release the negative and move forward.

I was challenged this morning when I woke up to no internet connection. After rebooting and realizing that Wi-Fi today may not happen for me, I immediately jumped into solution mode. What could I accomplish without this thing that is really oxygen to most of our lives. To start, I could write this blog to serve you and I could also spend time on content, strategy and “thinking time” that I had scheduled last week but got too busy to do.

Admittedly, I wasn’t always so quick to find solutions or move forward. I would get stuck in the emotion of frustration and focus on all of what I couldn’t get accomplished during this inconvenience. Then I started thinking about high performers. What would a high performer do in this situation? Of course, they would focus on what they could control and keep moving forward.

The highest achievers are always focusing on agency, what they can control despite life’s circumstances. This is something that I learned and love about High Performance Coaching™ and the curriculum we follow. Very little of our coaching and group discussions is focused on the past, being stuck or assigning blame.  Instead, we focus on what we can control, our attitude, our focus, and our actions.

We all face setbacks, a loss, a failure, rejection, and disappointment. It’s how we handle them, release them and move on that matters.

When you feel stuck in a setback ask yourself the following questions…

  • “What would the best version of myself say or do in this situation?”
  • “What part of this can I control?”
  • “How can I make the most out of this situation?”
  • “Who can I lean on to support me while I navigate this difficulty?”

Moving forward, releasing, and acting will accelerate your success by leaps and bounds.  Think of the time and energy you spent dwelling on your last failure? Did sitting in the frustration serve you or hold you back? What if that same energy was used as fuel to charge after you goals and dreams?

Acknowledge the frustration, map out a plan and keep moving forward no matter what!

To learn more about what the highest achievers do differently, check out one of these Masterclasses being held this month. 


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