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Does it fire you up or frustrate you?

Does it fire you up or frustrate you?

The relationship.

The job.

The hobby.

The course.


Often when we’re in survival mode, contemplation mode or busy mode we neglect facing challenging questions or situations head on. The highest performers demonstrate courage more often and get real with their emotions. They recognize that what once served them or made them feel fulfilled now frustrates them and they evaluate if they want to keep the relationship, job, or activity in their lives. They don’t drag out their unhappiness. What situation do you need to tackle head on today with curiosity, clarity, and courage to feel more fulfilled and aligned with your best future self?


Perhaps a goal or dream that once created a spark of excitement in you has fizzled. Perhaps the career you thought you should pursue has turned out to be unfulfilling. I have a friend who spent years in school to become a lawyer, who has zero passion for it but continues to go...

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Why living in alignment matters

Once of the fastest ways to cure anxiety is to live in alignment with the best of who you could be.

When we're out of alignment with who we want to be, or are striving to be, we feel anxious, unmotivated, and sometimes even helpless.

I've seen this with myself and coaching clients. When there's awareness and action taken to increase discipline, I see an instant shift.

The challenge is that it's easy to stay in a self-destructive rut which leads to anxiety. 

Here are some of the signs that we're out of alignment:

  • Not following through on promises we make to ourselves or others (big and small, they matter)
  • Not giving our best professionally or personally 
  • Leaving loose ends and procrastinating
  • Living with less intention and discipline 

How do we know we're in alignment?

  • We're clear on our path and purpose and we're living with daily intention to serve that purpose.
  • We insulate ourselves from negative forces like the news, social media, and other toxic outlets. We...
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The mindset of rising up despite the challenges

When we're faced with resistance, we can either give up or rise up. 

Many of us have been sold a lie that life is supposed to be easy. There’s a great Buddhist quote that says, “Life is suffering.” While that seems a little bit grim, I think that we are often told that life is supposed to be easy and when we’re faced with resistance or a challenge, we think something is wrong with our purpose, life, or goals.

The reality is that life is faced with obstacles and resistance all the time. I remember a trainer saying that we’re either coming out of crisis, in the middle of it or heading into it! We can either accept it and give up or accept it and rise up!

When we give up, we start to question our dreams. Is this even feasible? Do I have the skill set? Do I really need to reach this goal? Was it too big a goal in the first place?

We give up when we start denying that we wanted it in the first place. We think, “well that was just a...

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