Does it fire you up or frustrate you?

Does it fire you up or frustrate you?

The relationship.

The job.

The hobby.

The course.


Often when we’re in survival mode, contemplation mode or busy mode we neglect facing challenging questions or situations head on. The highest performers demonstrate courage more often and get real with their emotions. They recognize that what once served them or made them feel fulfilled now frustrates them and they evaluate if they want to keep the relationship, job, or activity in their lives. They don’t drag out their unhappiness. What situation do you need to tackle head on today with curiosity, clarity, and courage to feel more fulfilled and aligned with your best future self?


Perhaps a goal or dream that once created a spark of excitement in you has fizzled. Perhaps the career you thought you should pursue has turned out to be unfulfilling. I have a friend who spent years in school to become a lawyer, who has zero passion for it but continues to go through the motions of her job because it’s comfortable. What ignites your passion? What lights you up? What are you doing when time seems to stand still, flow or you’re in the zone?


Take time now and reflect. What creates a sense of joy, purpose, and fulfillment in your day? What or who drains your energy? What task or hobby did you once find exciting that now feels mundane? There’s a caveat here of course. We all have roles in our jobs that are mundane and that are unavoidable. In that case, ask yourself, how could I add more joy to this task or who can support me on this one? Awareness is key so we can create change and move forward.


Do more of what lights you up! Did you used to paint when you were younger? Swim? Dance? After a recent injury my coach encouraged me to dance instead of run and I forgot how much I absolutely loved it and I’m reaping the rewards of an amazing workout in the process. What did you once enjoy that you’ve stopped doing? How can you find deeper engagement and enjoyment today?

How do you get fired up when you’re feeling frustrated? 


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