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Tackle It Today! 5 Areas Where High Performance Coaching Can Improve Your Days

People often associate personal development with mirror affirmations of positive vibes, but High-Performance Coaching™ is all about taking action!

We get a sense of unease when we’re out of alignment because often we’re procrastinating on what we know we need to do.

Eat the Frog!

One of the high-performance pillar habits is productivity. During this session in the curriculum, we uncover amazing productivity hacks and one of those is to eat the frog! Tackle your frog, aka the most important task of the day first thing. Before turning on your email or phone, grab a coffee and map out the strategic plan you’ve been avoiding, or the expense report that is due tomorrow. Tackle it today!

Courageous conversations

Courage is another high performance habit we navigate in coaching with high levels of success and happiness for those who take courageous action. Today I’m going to encourage you to tackle “the talk” you’ve been avoiding. Imagine...

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Invest in the Goose

Earl Nightingale shares a story about a father explaining, The Goose and the Golden Eggs story. In this metaphor, the father explains to his son there is a goose producing golden eggs.  The moral of the story is, most people capitalize on the eggs (car, house, boat) the goose produces rather than carefully nurturing the goose itself!

You and I are the “Goose” of Course! It’s important to nurture our minds and bodies so we can continue to grow and improve.  Without the goose, the eggs are worthless. You can have all the possessions in the world, but if you’re not working on improving your health, what is it worth? You have to invest in your personal development growth as well to continuously evolve and grow into an even stronger, capable goose.

How do you go about that?

Motivational books and podcasts are a great way to feed your mind and soul with inspirational stories and strategies for living your best life.  High Performance Habits by...

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Why working with a coach will accelerate your success!

If you’ve never worked with a coach, I promise you, the return is tenfold! Coaching brings a new sense of self awareness.  A coach is an objective partner that will teach you the necessary skills to achieve self-mastery, and provide a gentle nudge of encouragement on your journey to success.  Here are some of the ways coaching has helped me recently…

  1.  Stay on track with positive habits

Sometimes, we don’t realize that we’ve slipped up or fallen back in to old patterns until someone holds up a mirror for us. This happened recently while I was working with my coach. The topic we were covering that day was presence.  The deeper we got in to the conversation, the more I realized that I had completely slipped back in to an old pattern that wasn’t serving me! I was checking email first thing in the morning in bed, during lunch and after hours. I was back to having an umbilical cord relationship with my phone and I had stopped separating...

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The Power of Group Coaching


Group coaching, whether it be within your organization or outside, is a fantastic way to level up and step outside your comfort zone!

In order for group coaching to be successful everyone who is part of the group must have similar beliefs and values regarding coaching and want to succeed. It has to be understood that the group coaching space is a safe place to share and learn with one another.

The Format of Group Coaching

The format for group coaching can vary week to week or month to month depending on when your group meets. It is helpful as a coach to lay out an agenda of the different topics to be covered at each session. During the sessions the coach will ask thought provoking questions that will lead to a powerful discussion. The coach may take the opportunity to challenge a participant’s answer to help them dig deeper or work through their challenge. Other members within the group are encouraged to offer their knowledge from their own experiences to their team member...

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