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Having a fully engaged and productive team is freakin’ AWESOME! We can’t wait to show you how so you can take your business to the next level right away!

Whether you have a rockin’ team and you still feel like there’s room for increased engagement or you aren’t sure where everyone stands, we can help!

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We understand the frustration with not seeing the results you want – we’ve been there.

We spent years floundering, frustrated that our team couldn’t read our leader’s mind, and weren’t producing the results we had envisioned.

When we made team engagement our #1 priority


  • We got in the top 5 businesses in our industry

  • We grew consistently by an average of 24.4% year over year as a result

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Certified High Performance Group Coaching

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Engaged Teams for Accelerated Growth

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by Design

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Reflection Workshop

For Teams

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Mental Health & Mindfulness

For Teams

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Learning how to scale up your businesses can be overwhelming, time-consuming and expensive. At SigmaU we bring you approachable and relatable courses and tools to help you build your business to the level you desire. You'll learn the tips and techniques you need to level up your organization and gain the confidence you need as a leader.

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