Tackle It Today! 5 Areas Where High Performance Coaching Can Improve Your Days

People often associate personal development with mirror affirmations of positive vibes, but High-Performance Coaching™ is all about taking action!

We get a sense of unease when we’re out of alignment because often we’re procrastinating on what we know we need to do.

Eat the Frog!

One of the high-performance pillar habits is productivity. During this session in the curriculum, we uncover amazing productivity hacks and one of those is to eat the frog! Tackle your frog, aka the most important task of the day first thing. Before turning on your email or phone, grab a coffee and map out the strategic plan you’ve been avoiding, or the expense report that is due tomorrow. Tackle it today!

Courageous conversations

Courage is another high performance habit we navigate in coaching with high levels of success and happiness for those who take courageous action. Today I’m going to encourage you to tackle “the talk” you’ve been avoiding. Imagine your very best self showing up to the conversation, jot down what you need to say and the positive outcome you’re hoping to achieve. Tackle it today!

Deliberate Focus

Negative self talk creeps into our lives more often than not. If we’re not deliberate with shifting our mind to focus on the positive and possibility thinking, we can get trapped in negative looping. In coaching, we look at ways to redirect our focus. One of those ways is deliberate focus. Asking ourselves empowering questions about the situation like “what is the best thing that could happen here?” vs. “What is the worst thing that could happen?”

Boost Your Energy Level

Low levels of energy? High Performance Coaching™ will teach you ways to manage your energy so you feel equipped to tackle each day with vibrancy! One of the tools we use is an energizer booster called “QiGong” which takes less than a minute, can be done at your desk and will ramp up your mood and energy so you can stay highly productive on a consistent basis.

Uncovering Your Purpose

Low levels of motivation? In High Performance Coaching™ we know that a sense of purpose or lack thereof will impact your motivation. Through transformational questioning and discovery, we uncover your purpose so that you feel a level of necessity in your day to act. One simple thing you can do is ask yourself each morning “Who needs me on my A game today?” Knowing that someone else is relying on you to make things happen is a great driver.

Let’s set aside the notion that personal development is woo-woo thinking and recognize the incredible power and life-changing possibilities that come from learning the habits and, more importantly, acting.

I’ll leave you with one question today, and that is,

“What do you need to tackle today that will make you feel proud tomorrow?”

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