4 Ways to Think About Risk in a New Way

Perhaps you're embarking on a new year with grand ambitions. Some goals may even seem risky and require courage to take on.

Calculated risk is what high achievers do to leapfrog past average performers. They demonstrate courage more often than their peers and as a result, they see consistent and significant success.

We’re naturally inclined to minimize risk or avoid it all together. But what if we thought about risk in a new way? 


New levels if success will require us to abandon old habits and patterns that aren't in line with the person required to meet our bold goal. Look at calculated risk towards a big goal as a way to rise up. What are some of the habits you currently have that no longer serve the person you’re striving to become? What habits do you currently do that support that future best self and how can you amplify them to reach your goal? Where do you find inspiration to rise? Is it a friend, coach, author, or podcast host? What would it look like if you replaced mindless scrolling with inspirational content as you rise?


The highest performers are incredibly intentional about how they live each day. They take time at the start of every day to map out how they want to show up each day and who needs them on their A-game. They also reflect on how they did at the end of each day. Keeping intentional focus, scoring your key indicators of high performance like showing up with courage, being deliberate with our actions and staying highly productive are all ways we can stay focused on minimizing “risk” and embracing challenges mindfully.


Big goals will require us to think at a different level. We will have to think like a chess master, five moves ahead. Mapping out our next five moves, the resources require, the skill level needed and contingency plans when things don’t go smoothly. Strategic focus is slightly different to intention. These are you carefully planned tactical moves required to get you closer to your dream. They need to be evaluated consistently so you can course correct quickly and map out new moves if required. Goals are risky without a strategic plan but empowering when in place!


The person required to reach your ambitious goal is not the same person you’re looking at in the mirror today. Ask yourself, what skills will I have to acquire to reach my new goal? For me, heading into the new year I’ll be focusing on negotiation and conflict resolution. I have committed to three books on each subject matter so that I can level up to become the leader required for the direction of our organization.  Can you identify an area where you need to level up your skills?

Perhaps you need to “coach up” and get one-on-one or group support to meet risk head on? If this is you and you would like someone to support you along the way or to find out more about High Performance Coaching™, I would encourage you to take a Masterclass in January. Check out more details here: https://www.growwithsigmau.com/6_Secrets_Masterclass

There is no reward without RISK and it can be calculated, strategic and powerful with the right tools in place!


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