How to SEEK Next Level Opportunities

A mentor reminded me that rarely does a good idea chase you down, you need to seek them out!

With that in mind, you and I must rise to the person of excellence we’re looking to become. That version of us will never come to meet us where we currently are!

How do we go about that? Through actively seeking that next level.


S- Seek Through Insightful Questions.

One of the reasons I absolutely love High Performance Coaching™ is that it’s less about teaching and more about self-discovery. Clients and coaches go through a journey of understanding and clarity through transformational questions that are empowering and lead to change. The reason that this is so powerful is that our minds typically lead to negative thinking and disempowering questions. Coaching is focused on the future, changing thinking to seek the positive and possibility vs. visiting the past for excuses and reminders as to why we’re not equipped to reach out big goals. Daily high performers ask themselves questions like…

“Who needs me on my A-game today?”

“What are my top 3 goals and priorities?”

“What might trip me up today?”

“How would my best self handle that?”

Powerful questions transform lives and if you want to join a community where we answer these questions on a journey towards excellence, check out my Masterclass which I’ll be hosting in January

E- Evolution of Thought

Our current level of thinking brought us to where we are today, but it won’t take us to the next level. I was recently in a coaching session where my coach called out my limited thinking. She said that my current level of a CEO, skills, thinking, and habits aren’t what is required to lead the company to where it’s headed.  She is right and that shift in thinking sparked a fire in me to be thinking bigger, learning more, and mapping out a plan to level up so I can become that person of excellence required to lead a much larger firm. Do you need to think differently to get to your next level?

E- Expand Your Vision

In addition to expanding the way we think, we must expand our vision. That means creating and visualizing our future truth. Sometimes when I coach clients, they find it hard to imagine a completely different life.  They may create a vision board or write out an affirmation of their future self, but they feel silly or like an imposter because their current reality doesn’t match that level of excellence. A simple way to navigate that is to use the phrase “future truth” which eliminates that imposter feeling and as along as you are striving and taking steps to step in to that vision, you’re in alignment and congruent and you will reach that expanded vision!

K- Know Your Current Reality

Expanding your vision is key to growth and knowing your current reality is a critical step. So how the heck do you go about that? In High Performance Coaching™ we use a lot of assessment tools. These aren’t to be used as a form of judgement but rather to show you your current reality through scoring. The only way to improve is by starting with a measurement so you know which area(s) to focus on to drive the needle forward.

Are you ready to seek change in 2024? If so, join our Masterclass below and surround yourself with a community ready to embrace change and rise to the level of excellence you know you’re ready for!



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