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How High Performance Coaching Changes Your Life:

LIVE coaching every other week with a science-backed curriculum to help you assess where you’re at, where you want to be and what purposeful living looks like.

In a group setting you will benefit from community learning and positive social connection while you…

Determine which habits are supporting your success and which habits are holding you back from performing at your highest level. 

Understand your strengths and gaps in the amount of clarity you have in life and what will reignite your passion and fire.

How to amplify higher levels of energy to reach your goals and how to sustain that energy long term while keeping positive relationships thriving!

Build more confidence through courageous conversations and bold moves while having more influence with the people you lead.

Increase your productivity using tools and frameworks implemented by the highest achievers in the world including Olympians and billionaires! 

Learn tools to gain control over your psychology and physiology to master your emotions and feel a stronger sense of control regardless of life’s circumstances.

Live and lead purposefully with more joy and connection in the relationships you value the most while honouring self care through energy-replenishing habits.

Who it is for:

  • You’re ready for a change and want a renewed passion for life!
  • You’re open to new tools, habits and shifts in thinking!
  • You want a blueprint to accelerate your success and are eager to implement tools and strategies when they’re presented to you!
  • You want more time to yourself, increased productivity and to lead your life with authority and increased fulfillment!

Sessions are 60 minutes long, held virtually, and occur twice per month for six months. We’ll work through the curriculum of high performance, do live coaching, breakout rooms for social learning and Q & A sessions to maximize our time together.


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Group Coaching


One Time Payment

LIVE Group Coaching twice each month for six months.

Next Group begins
February 2024


Budget Friendly Group Coaching



LIVE Group Coaching twice each month for six months

Next Group begins
February 2024


2 SOS Private Calls with Nikki


One Time Payment

Meet with Coach Nikki for a laser session to troubleshoot real-time challenges.


2 SOS Private Calls with Lindsay


One Time Payment

Meet with Coach Lindsay for a laser session to troubleshoot real-time challenges.


HPX Deep Dive 1:1 with Nikki


One Time Payment

MeetĀ one-on-one with Coach NikkiĀ to kickstart your high performance journey.


HPX Deep Dive 1:1 with Lindsay


One Time Payment

MeetĀ one-on-one with Coach Lindsay to kickstart your high performance journey.


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The High Performance Group Coaching connected me with a group of like-minded individuals who, along with Nikki, empowered me to embrace my leadership brand, stay accountable and create meaningful, measurable and impactful work and life goals. I am thrilled that I took the leap, invested in myself and was able to engage with this wonderful group and in these powerful and inspiring conversations. Thank you Nikki!


Working with Nikki as my coach is the best decision I've made in years. She's helped me find the courage to seize new opportunities and fully show up in every area of my life.


Since starting coaching with Nikki less than a month ago, I'm down 12lbs, 3 inches and running again. I'm showing up more self-assured at work and my family has commented that I'm not second guessing myself anymore.


One thing that group coaching taught me was how to gain clarity in many different aspects of my life. I have gained confidence in myself and know my action plan in order to achieve my goals. Listening to everyone’s challenges, successes, perspectives, and suggestions has been very inspiring and have had a positive impact on my journey to become my best self.


Group coaching taught me that, as much as it may be hard to share openly sometimes, it may just help someone else to know they’re not alone in their challenges. It helps to hear other perspectives – what worked, what didn’t. Hearing stories from others can be both inspiring and motivating to help us take a courageous step forward.


A breakthrough or AHA moment I had was when we were coaching on clarity, Nikki helped me realize I was stuck in some areas of my life. After working through it, it became clear that I needed to be adding a bit of novelty into every single day to help my growth and stretch my courage muscle.


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