About This Journal

Start each day with purpose! This is a daily journal for team members who want to work and collaborate in an intentional and effective way.


  • 2-month of morning journal pages
  • 2-month of evening journal pages
  • Size: 7.25" x 10"

Benefits of intentional journaling:

In my book Leadership ROI: The 10 Lessons I've Learned About Leadership and How to Avoid All of the Mistakes I've Made, I talk about setting the tone in our organizations. Obviously in that book I’m speaking specifically to leaders, however, each and every person in an organization has the power to take charge of their day and show up as a role model for others.

This journal is set up in a way that will make you feel in control and intentional about how you approach each day. You'll purposely start with gratitude and thinking of who you can appreciate or help during the coming day. In times of frustration, I've found that my mindset always shifts when I can reframe and think of all the amazing things happening during an average day and reflect on how I can make the next day even better. The reality is that most of us go through life on cruise control. We go through the motions and we live in a very reactive state. This journal will set your day up in a proactive way and you'll feel a stronger sense of alignment and purpose in the amazing role you play as you contribute to your organization!

Hey, and habits take a while to form so if you fall off the wagon for a couple of days, give yourself some grace and jump back in the saddle! Enjoy the journey to being an intentional team member!