About This Book

Why is it that many organizations continuously deplete budgets on traditional forms of mass marketing to capture new leads? Research clearly proves to us that the secret to increased business success is in retaining our existing members, donors and clients. Associations, charities and entrepreneurs can weather the storm of any economy by adding value and creating deep loyalty resulting in increased success by retention and referrals.

Relationship ROI is packed with tips and advice. You will discover:

  • The secrets your competition doesn’t want you to know about

  • Why traditional marketing just doesn’t work in your field anymore

  • How technology will never replace personal relationships

  • Why the best clients don’t care about the money

    And much, much more

Relationship marketing is the cornerstone to highly profitable growth; making members, donors or clients so fiercely loyal to your organization that the competition isn’t even a blip on their radar. Find out how to attract, maintain and retain your most profitable contacts to hit record-breaking targets today!