About This Book

Leadership ROI is the perfect book for the entrepreneur running a business with five or more employees. Whether you’re someone using systems or don’t have any at all, you’ll find ways to accelerate the growth of your organization while becoming an awesome leader along the way. Leadership ROI is packed with tips and strategies to create a highly functioning and fully engaged team!

My hope is that this book will resonate with the entrepreneur who wants to find deeper meaning in their work while in service of others. With an open mind and open heart I promise that your leadership journey of transformation begins here!

You’ll discover…

  • That difficult conversations and humility are the lifeblood to incredible team relationships

  • How vulnerability and a commitment to personal growth can transform your culture and steps to start you and your team on that journey

  • Systems to add structure to meetings, coaching and strategic planning so everyone is working in alignment

  • How to attract and grow high performing A-players who find deep fulfillment in their work

  • Create a self-sustaining business so that you can enjoy the freedom that drew you to entrepreneurship in the first place

This book is all about people. Will it have a positive impact on your profits and bottom-line? Absolutely! When you learn how to serve your people first and make them your number one priority, serving your clients will become their number one priority and you’ll naturally dominate in your chosen field!

About The Author

Nikki Pett wrote her first book, Relationship ROI, in 2013 and shared the ways she built her company based on referrals and repeat business with zero advertising spend. Nikki now shares her journey from floundering business owner to strategic leader and the lessons learned along the way. Everything shifted when her focus changed from wanting to be the best in sales in her industry to wanting to develop the best people and create confident and empowered leaders. Nikki hopes to be someone who has achieved much and given much more.